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Is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Clouding Your Relationship?

sad couple

A lot of current events might be having a toll on your mood these days: a global pandemic, reoccurring lockdowns, time away from your loved …

get over breakup
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How to get over a breakup fast

  Breakups suck, pure and simple. That gut wrenching sick feeling…the world can feel like it’s at an end and you may wonder if you …

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Are you bored and disillusioned?

    Are you bored and disillusioned? It seems a growing trend. Swathes of people who feel bored and disillusioned in life. I meet them …

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10 ways that your mental health affects your daily life

Decision making When you are engaged in healthy functioning, your decisions tend to be based on reasonable and realistic variables. If you are depressed or …

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Common reasons for unhappiness

Evolutionary Psychologists say that our default mode is to be on the lookout for danger. As cave men running around many years ago, we had …

mountain of should

The mountain of should

Are you climbing the ‘mountain of should’? How many “shoulds” do you have in your life? “Musts” and “shoulds” create anxiety and place unnecessary strains …

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Feeling empty

  Feeling Empty Too often I meet clients who say, “I have the house, the gorgeous spouse, the children, a great job and car I …

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emotional wellbeing inspiration mental health

Key Ideas That Will Help You to Improve Boost and Look After Your Mental Health in 2020

In 2020 people are far more aware of the need to keep fit and healthy, and this is a good thing. Self-care and well-being have …

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What to do when you feel depressed

When you feel depressed it feels like nothing is going right. I’ve experienced depression in the past and I know the warning signs. Self-criticism increases …

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7 tips for coping with modern day stress

    7 tips for coping with modern day stress Stress is unavoidable in today’s world. There are bills to pay, debt, traffic jams. difficult …