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The 3 Ways To Set Up A Baby Registry That’s Sustainable

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If you’re passionate about the environment and leaving a better place for your children then you no doubt have a lot of sustainable practices in your routine. If you are expecting a baby then it makes sense that you would also want to make sure that the baby registry is also an opportunity to be eco-friendly.


You can make sure that you ask for things that will protect your baby’s skin in a natural way, and even ask for clothing that is made with natural material such as a newborn knit onesie. Not everybody is as dedicated as you are with regard to sustainability. In this article, we will go over some ways to set up a baby registry with a focus on sustainability to make sure you don’t get gifts that aren’t.


1 – Eco-friendly diapers


Diapers are one of the worst things that people can buy. They end up in landfills and take forever to break down. They add a lot of forever chemicals into the environment as well. From a health perspective, there are also a lot of chemicals that you wouldn’t want to have against your baby’s skin all day.


Putting eco-friendly diapers on the registry will help you avoid getting terrible diapers from well-meaning friends and family. Since the cost of diapers can be a lot, people will think they are doing you a favor by buying you diapers. Help them to help you by giving them the option to buy you cloth diapers or disposable ones made from sustainable and renewable materials such as bamboo.


2 – Portable bidet


Your postpartum time will be physically difficult when it comes to maintaining hygiene. A great item to have that most people don’t think about is a peri bottle or travel bidet. They are small and can be carried in a purse or diaper bag as well as left in the bathroom for you to use when needed.


There are electric travel bidets that are affordable and will help you stay clean without using things like wet wipes which are terrible for the environment and are often really bad for plumbing.


You’re also reducing the amount of toilet paper that you use which is great for the environment since the process to make it uses a lot of precious water and often involves lots of chemicals making their way into the water table.


3 – Support sustainable businesses


Instead of choosing sustainable products from a major retailer, it is a much better idea to start a registry with a company that is wholly focused on sustainability. Look for some local stores that have the ability to start a registry that has products that are sourced from fair trade partners, are made with sustainable and renewable materials, and that support many green initiatives with a portion of the proceeds they receive.


Some of the businesses are quite small and could use every bit of help that you can give them.


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