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The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids 2022

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Fitness trackers are as fun for kids as they are for adults. You get to see how active you are and the feeling of getting rewarded for that is an extra self-satisfaction. It is hard to get kids excited about exercise and fitness, but these fitness trackers create a game-like situation for the kids.

Since the 2000s, the so-called “pedometers” are obsolete as of now.  These fitness trackers for kids have taken over the market, they now have heart rate monitors, step counters, GPS tracking, sleep cycle trackers, and many more.

With features like being waterproof, and colorful in nature, with a gaming feature, these fitness trackers are a popular accessory for kids nowadays. They even keep a record of the activities, GPS, and even heartbeat.

Wearing these fitness trackers helps motivate the kids to be active and eager to do exercise more than before and also to go outside and play as much as they can.

As a parent, you can also be satisfied with the fact that these fitness trackers have GPS trackers which will help you to keep a track of your kid whenever they are going somewhere and till they come home.

Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

Here is a range of fitness trackers, that are best for your kids. Among these fitness trackers, you can take your pick.

1.    Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

This version of Ace 2 is better than the previous one in many ways. This device can track all exercise and health related factors. Being lightweight and compact, it is easier for kids to wear. This device can receive notifications but cannot make calls. This device has one default that doesn’t hold up to rough usage.

●      Amazon- $67

●      Bloomingdale’s- $70

● $70

●      Pros-  Less Expensive, Have all Fitbit apps

●      Cons- Heart rate monitor absent, No GPS

●      Band Size- 117-168mm

●      Battery Life- 5-6 days

●      Water Rating- WR 50

●      GPS – No

●      Heart Rate-  No

●      Screen- Black & White


2.    Fit bit Ace 3 Activity Tracker

Ace 3 is undoubtedly a better version than Ace 2. With improved battery life, and water resistance. Though this version is only a little bit heavier than the earlier version. This is a very budget-friendly fitness tracker for your kid.


●      Amazon- $66

● $80

●      Macy’s- $80

●      Pros- 8-day battery life, waterproof, clear screen, Fitbit apps are great

●      Cons- Heart rate monitor absent, No GPS

●      Band Size- 116-168mm

●      Battery Life- 8 days

●      Water Rating- WR 50

●      GPS – No

●      Heart Rate-  No

●      Screen- Black & White


3.    Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 Fitness/Activity Tracker


The Fitbit has the look of a watch rather than a Fitbit. This is a button-operated Fitbit and not a touchscreen one. There are a lot of screen graphics present on this one such as Disney and Marvel. This phone has a gaming feature to it to attract kids even more.

●      Amazon- $40

●      Pros- 1 year battery life, fun rewards for fitness, color screen, Graphics of Disney and Marvel.

●      Cons- No GPS, no touchscreen, hard to see the screen in the sun.

●      Band Size- 130-175mm

●      Battery Life- 1 year

●      Water Rating- WR 50

●      GPS – No

●      Heart Rate-  No

●      Screen- Color


4.    Apple Watch SE

Like any other Apple product, this is also a very expensive option for Fitbit for your kids. Though this Fitbit is not technically a very kid-centric one.  Kids below 12yrs old won’t find this much helpful.


●      Amazon- $205

●      Pros- GPS, heart rate monitor, can receive and send calls, a whole lot of apps

●      Cons- Costly, needs a service plan of $10, low battery life, thorough tracker which the kid might not need.

●      Band Size- 125-200mm

●      Battery Life- 18 hours

●      Water Rating- WR 50

●      GPS – Yes

●      Heart Rate-  Yes

●      Screen- Color


5.    BiggerFive Vigor Fitness Tracker

Among all the lesser-known trackers this is the best fitness tracker for kids. With a variety of features and a considerable amount of reviews. With a colorful outlook, it has a kid-friendly display to it. This has more features than Fitbit and Garmin.

●      Amazon- $29

●      Pros- Cheap, heart rate monitor, pool-friendly, color display.

●      Cons- Has quality issues, the band is weak.

●      Band Size- 127-185mm

●      Battery Life- 7 days

●      Water Rating- WR 50

●      GPS – No

●      Heart Rate-  Yes

●      Screen- Color


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Parents might think that their kids might not need any fitness trackers, but hear me out, these fitness trackers are very much intuitive and user-friendly. Their kids would benefit from them and that is guaranteed.

Because of its different features such as a GPS tracker, parents can actually keep a track of their kids when they are outside the house. This will help to put their mind at ease about their kid’s whereabouts.

And with the use of a heart rate monitor, parents can keep a record of their kids health, which is very important at any age.

Through these different kid-friendly features that these fitness trackers have both the kids and the parents can actually benefit from it in different ways than each other.

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