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The Science Behind Reducing Anxiety with CBD

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CBD is a somewhat controversial substance. Some people swear by it and state that it has valuable properties. Others regard it as snake oil.


What’s the truth regarding CBD, and is there a scientific basis behind the claim that it reduces anxiety? We will discuss that right now.


What is CBD?

The best CBD for anxiety by Lumiere is now available, but before you shop for such products, it’s helpful to know what CBD is and how it is derived. CBD is a chemical that comes from marijuana. However, it is different from THC, which is smoked or otherwise ingested to get the user high or to bring on a euphoric state.


CBD is not addictive, and it does not alter the user’s perception in the same way that THC does. Because the two compounds can be separated from each other, it’s possible to use CBD products that can benefit you in various ways without getting you high.


Is There a Scientific Basis Behind the Claims Regarding CBD?

Despite the reservations that some individuals have about CBD, there is a proven scientific basis for the claims made by some consumers and CBD product manufacturers regarding this compound’s uses.


CBD has been shown to activate certain neural receptors in humans. It reacts with a receptor called 5-HT1a, as well as others called CB1 receptors that are found in the brain’s amygdala region.


When these receptors experience stimuli that cause them to become blocked, the person will experience a heightened sense of anxiety. Ingesting or otherwise subjecting the body to CBD can free up these blockages, and a sense of calm can sometimes result.


Does This Always Happen?

Part of the reason why some people feel that CBD is not effective or that it doesn’t do what certain product manufacturers claim is that human physiology is always different. While there is a scientific basis to claims made by CBD product manufacturers that gummies, balms, and similar products can calm you down, this is not a universal experience.


In other words, CBD can work very well for some individuals and not as well for others. That can be a little frustrating for some people who hear great things about CBD products but don’t experience the same anxiety reduction that another user might.


Should You Try CBD Products as a Cure for Anxiety?

Just as some medications work for some people and others don’t work as well, the same is true with CBD products. If you experience chronic anxiety, it should do no harm to try a CBD product, such as an oil, a balm, or a gummy.

You should avoid products containing THC and CBD since these two substances can produce dramatically different effects. While you should not consider it a certainty that you’ll experience relief from anxiety with a CBD product, many people do.


There is a scientific reason behind the claims of CBD product manufacturers that what they make reduces anxiety, so it’s probably worth trying one based on ongoing research.


Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

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