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A Lost Girl’s journey to self-identity and finding her neurological truth

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The Umbrella Picker by Jane McNeice She was lost for 45 years!

Tuesday 16th August, Jane McNeice, publishes her debut book, a memoir about living for 45 years as undiagnosed Autistic. 

The Umbrella Picker tells the true story of a woman who felt lost for 45 years. After a long and relentless journey ofsearching for answers, the hand of fate finally revealed to her what she had waited a lifetime for.

The answer was life-changing. She is no longer lost and having found her own unique way, Jane has written the (brutally honest!) book she wished was available to her years earlier.

If you are feeling lost, this heartfelt and compelling book may answer your unanswered questions and help you finally find yourself.

“The fact that you have been so open and honest about your life journey is inspirational to Autistic women.”

Helen Pass, another ‘Lost Girl’ found

“Jane does not shy away from addressing her own mental health experiences, her fears and feelings of isolation. The reader is left feeling Jane has truly peeled away masking layers to portray her true self through her writing.” Manar Matusiak from Living Autism, who trained me to be an Autism Champion

The Umbrella Picker is available on Amazon paperback and Amazon Kindle from 16th August, with an introductory launch day price of £9.99 paperback and £2.99 Kindle. Full price £12.99 paperback, £5.99 Kindle

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