Things to do when you’re bored

Things to do when you’re bored


bored photo


Things to do when you’re bored

1) Play – Find the invisible cow  game

Check it out hereinvisible cow game



2) Do nothing for two  minutes, mini meditation  do nothing

Click here


3) Receive a virtual hug and feel good. Click here    virtual hugs


4) Find your inner music maestro (I had such fun with this one!)

Click here                incredibox



5) Does the dog die?

Find out here whether the ending will be a sad one.

Click here


6) Write upside down

Click here


7) Killer whale follows your mouse. Waste hours here

killer whale mouse

8) Get your own drum kit…

Click here



9) Become a cartoonist!

Click here


10) Pointing at your cursor/mouse. NO matter where you point your arrow an image will display pointing at it…

Try it here


11) Mind reading genie…think of any character and see if the genie can guess it.

See if you can trick the genie here

genie guess


12) Try daft punk, make it stronger, faster ..better  🙂

Click here

daft punk fun


Well  I hope these will keep you out of mischief for a little while  🙂

Mandy X