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Vision Loss: The Impact Of Our Diet

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In the UK, more than 2 million people are living with sight loss, but many people lack knowledge of the impact of our diet on our vision. With this in mind, Dr Harriet Leyland, Clinical Advisor at myGP has commented:

“The food and drinks we put into our bodies have a huge impact on our health. Our eyes require a constant supply of blood to ensure we get enough oxygen and nutrients into their cells to promote eye health, prevent damaging eye conditions and vision loss, and support eye function.

“Some of these beneficial nutrients include zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. An unhealthy diet can contribute to many health issues including cataracts, which causes blurry vision, decreased colour resolution, and increased sensitivity to light. Consuming fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can improve eye health.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and limiting your alcohol consumption also helps to maintain healthy vision.”

Harriet added: “It’s important to speak to your GP or gain a doctor’s opinion if you plan to make dietary changes in hope of improving your eyesight or reducing your chance of vision problems.”


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