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What are the best platforms to find a surrogate

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Surrogacy is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It’s a growing industry and it has been for years. The main reason for this is the high demand for surrogates to be able to help couples who are unable to conceive children on their own.

There are many agencies and platforms all over the world that help parents achieve their dream of having a child. Let’s go through the top platforms and agencies that we know of.



MySurrogateMom is a surrogacy platform that connects intended parents with surrogate mothers. They help surrogates to find the best possible match for them and provide the most accurate, detailed information about the process. They provide free services to help intended parents find surrogates in their area and have an extensive database of surrogate mothers worldwide. They are the only platform that allows surrogates to find their perfect match with the help of a professional matchmaker. They also provide the tools needed for surrogates to make informed decisions and connect mothers-to-be with experienced mentors and experts in different aspects of the process. The team provides support, guidance and information throughout pregnancy, as well as after birth. Their matches have significantly fewer complications than average due to their extensive screening process. With their help, 95% of intended parents and women-to-be have successful surrogacy.

MySurrogateMom is the platform to connect intended parents with surrogate mothers. They help surrogates find the best possible match for them and provide detailed information about the process from start to finish.



Established in 1991 hatch was one of the first egg donor and surrogate agencies of its kind. With a rigorous screening process, Hatch has helped deliver more than 3000 healthy babies to parents in need. They take only the top 5% of surrogates and donors. Hatch is passionate about bringing joy to parents who can not medically have babies. Their services are available to all types of couples like heterosexual couples, gay partners, single men and women, married or not.

The people at hatch understand that surrogacy is a complicated and new experience. Thus they provide personalized care and guidance to their clients at every step. Many of the team members at Hatch have been surrogates and donors themselves thus they are very well-equipped to handle and take care of the client’s emotional needs.

Hatch works with the country’s top reproductive doctors and clinics and provides the best services to clients.


Sensible surrogacy

Sensible was established in 2012 and is focused on offering low-cost surrogacy programs that can be taken up by the common man. Their focus is also on transparency and security which is crucial for a surrogacy agency.

Sensible has a small but strong network of clients and staff which helps in creating a community-like vibe that in turn helps with creating trust and confidence in the process and agency. They also take pride in being one of the least costly agencies despite providing world-class technology and care to the clients.

Sensible makes its services available to all types of couples like gay couples, heterosexual couples, single men and so on.


Growing Generations

The history of the Growing Generations surrogacy agency is a long one that started in the early 1980s. The company was founded by Dr. Michal Malinowski and his wife, Dr. Anna Malinowska when they wanted to help infertile couples have a child of their own.

In the early days, there were many challenges for them to overcome when it came to the medical side of things. They had to try and find ways to get around the rules and regulations set out by the Polish government at that time which prevented any form of surrogacy within Poland.

In order for them to make this happen, they had to take on some risks but they did it with a lot of determination and eventually found success in 1992 with their first surrogate pregnancy. This was just after their company had been founded in 1990 – an achievement that made them pioneers in this field and helped them grow into what they are today – one of Europe’s largest agencies for third-party reproduction. In today’s date, the agency can proudly claim to have delivered more than 2000 fertile and healthy babies to parents in need.


Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy is a global surrogacy agency. They have been in the industry for over 25 years and are one of the most well-known surrogacy agencies in the world. Circle Surrogacy was founded in 1988 by Dr. James Goldstone, a fertility specialist from Boston, Massachusetts. He was one of the first physicians to offer fertility treatments to gay couples and single women. In 1988, Dr. Goldstone opened Circle Surrogacy with his partner at the time, Dr. Robert Litzinger, who is now retired from practice but still an active member of Circle’s Board of Directors. In 1991, Circle Surrogacy began working with international partners to provide services for clients abroad who were looking for surrogates in India or Thailand and other countries where surrogates were more affordable than they were in the United States. In 1993, they opened their first office outside of Boston—in Chicago—to better serve clients on both coasts who wanted to work with a surrogate. As of 2018, they have offices in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


Surrogacy is a process that helps make families and helps make dreams come true. It is a beautiful process but it is also a  complicated one. There are a few agencies out there that can be trusted with the process. The ones mentioned above are the ones that you can rely on and have faith to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.


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