Why I don’t like Christmas

Why I don’t like Christmas


Why I don’t like Christmas

I miss the days when I was young and got so excited about Father Christmas bringing presents. Everything seems distinctively less exciting now that I am an adult. I know a lot of people enjoy Christmas and good for them. I wouldn’t want to wish away joy for anyone but for me, Christmas isn’t my favourite time of year and here’s why:

1) There is so much pressure to be happy and have a good time. A kind of ‘forced happiness’ for many.

2) For those people who are lonely or in a bad place, Christmas heightens this sense of loneliness and isolation.

3) Many people spend Christmas alone, reminding them how no one is really there for them. In fact, I see more clients in the run up to Christmas than at any other time of the year (and immediately after – seems too much time together causes divorce and marital discord).

4) The media hype paints a false picture of joy and happiness, one that few of us really experience in reality.

5) Many experience a sense of dread at having to spend time with relatives they do not truly feel close to. There is this sense of having to put on a show because it’s Christmas.

6) Gift giving is among family members while the many who have nothing remain with nothing. I would love it if Christmas involved compulsory volunteering of some sort.

I know I am coming across as a pessimistic old fart but I see beneath the manic spending, over indulging and superficial schmoozing that reaches new heights over this time of the year. Oh – and spare a thought for the poor hapless turkeys!

Mandy X

PS. Merry Christmas!!

PPS. Oh yes – and apparently the elves don’t even get the minimum wage…how rude! 😉

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