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Why You Should Consider Investing in a Glass Pipe

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When talking about premium cannabis consumption methods, one of the most popular things people think about is glass pipes. Glass pipes are incredibly aesthetic, beautiful, and also one of the best ways to consume cannabis. However, there are many different types of glass pipes, and this can be very overwhelming for a beginner.

So, continue reading for a full guide on how to pick the best glass pipe as a beginner.

Defining Glass Pipes

As the name suggests, glass pipes are made of glass. However, this does not mean that one can choose from only one type of glass pipe. In fact, there are many different types for you to pick from.

The most common type of glass pipe on the market are bongs and dab rigs. However, you can get other smaller and cheaper glass pipes like one-hitters or hand pipes. A glass pipe is defined as a device made of glass, but it consists of a bowl, a chamber or a stem, a mouthpiece, and an airhole for clearing the smoke.

Most often, bongs are also called glass pipes, but there are many types of glass pipes on the market, depending on what you want. Whether you want a bong, a hand pipe, or a dab rig, there is something out there for you to enjoy.

Benefits of Glass Pipes

One of the primary benefits or advantages of using a glass pipe is that it is one of the easier devices to keep clean. You can also easily access cleaning products that you need to clean these devices.

Some of the other benefits include the fact that glass pipes are healthier for smoking as opposed to using something like a plastic or acrylic pipe. They are also incredibly durable. Likewise, glass pipes typically look more stylish than other pipes and feature nicer designs. On top of that, they offer a clean and powerful hit, use less heat, and are easier to hold.

How To Use Glass Pipes

The process of using a glass pipe or a bong is simple. When using the glass pipe, fill the water chamber with water to a point where it is not too full but not too empty. From there, pack your weed into the bowl to a point where it is enough for you.

Once you have packed your bowl, you can open the mouthpiece, light your weed, and inhale. The smoke will make its way from the ball, through the water chamber, up the pipe, and into your mouth. Using a glass pipe is simple, but it might take some time to get used to.

Components of a Glass Pipe

Although the bong may look like one complete piece, it has different components. The primary components used to make up a glass pipe include the bowl, the water chamber, the tube, and the mouthpiece.

The bowl is where you place your dried herb and light. Meanwhile, the water chamber holds the water and is where the smoke travels through, while the tube is permanently attached to the pipe’s body, and the mouthpiece is where you place your mouth to inhale.

The bowl can be purchased separately from the pipe if you want to customize it. However, most glass pipes come with a bowl suitable for the device. There are additional components that you can add should you want to, such as a percolator and an ash catcher.


When using your glass pipe, give it a quick clean after every use and a deep clean after every few uses. This will ensure that the device remains sanitary and clean while offering you the best possible experience. It should be stored in a safe place even though it is a durable piece of material so you can ensure it will not break.

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